Serving at OLOL - Emily, Eve, Alaina & Leonie

I had a wonderful welcome and morning at Our Lady of Lourdes today. Sunday morning Mass at OLOL is always joyful, so many happy faces. This morning I was particularly impressed with our new alter servers Emily, Eve, Alaina & Leonie. They served really well, paying attention and making sure Fr. Frank and myself had the candles, books and chalices at the place and at the right time.

Chatting to Emily and Eve's Mum before Mass she was telling me how they had been up late last night. They had all been to the balloon festive and had got stuck in the car park for three hours. The girls had been very concerned because they were so excited about coming to church today and didn't want to miss church and the opportunity to be an alter server.

There is something special about serving at Mass. A server is dressed in a white alb, covering their day to day clothes, setting them aside to do Gods work, to be holy reserved for Christ, like the Chalice's they pass me. Over the next few months they will learn more about there faith and what it is to be a server in the Guild of St Stephen. I am overjoyed to see Emily & Alaina, who were part of this years first communion programme, to see them putting their faith into practice.

Well Done Girls and thank you.

If you would like to know more about being a server at Our Lady of Lourdes the ask at Mass or drop me email.

God Bless,

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