First Communion Group 2014

My dear Sisters and Brothers, Emma & I wanted to share a little of the joy we are having this year with our first communion class. They are a fantastic class this year and we are all learning a huge amount from each other. We have just taught them about bread and the history of the bread in the bible from the quickly baked bread at the Passover, to the manna from heaven in the desert to the loaves and fish that feed five thousand on the hillside while they listen to the teaching of Christ and finally to the bread and wine of the last supper, our Eucharist, the food of our salvation, the fuel for our Christian lives.

We wanted to give them a challenge for their homework so we asked them to bake bread, bread without yeast. We gave them a soda bread recipe and this is what they produced. 

Please keep them all in your prayers as the work towards their first communion which will take place this June on Corpus Christi.

God Bless,
Deacon John

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