Christmas Mass Times 2020

We need to be very careful in keeping our Church and parishioners safe as we cannot have more than approx. 50-60 people safely inside Church during any celebration of mass.  

As such we are pleased to be able to offer additional masses over the Octave of Christmas, which all count as your commitment to the birth of Christ.  Please attend on other days of the “Octave of Christmas” masses if you can, in order to spread the numbers of people attending throughout the nine days.  Our mass times during the Octave of Christmas are as follows:

6pm on Thursday 24th December

10am on Friday 25th December

12pm on Saturday 26th December

9am on Sunday 27th December

10am on Monday 28th December

9.30am on Tuesday 29th December

10am on Wednesday 30th December

9.30am on Thursday 31st December

10am on Friday 1st January 2021

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