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On Saturday, a reduced team of volunteers carried on helping those who are homeless, with new restrictions in place to keep everyone safe.  An unusual time, but even more dangerous for those living on the streets.

Comments from Volunteers:
"As we pulled up tonight we received a round of applause and cheers. Difficult to give out food when you are almost in tears. We have seen 50 people at pip. Very busy. Everyone was really helpful. They waited until we dropped bags on the floor and stepped back. No one has heard anything about hotels. Everything is shut and they were very hungry."

"Just finished at Redcliff. We had enough food for only nine people so were really worried we would not have had enough. We found nine people waiting. Prayer answered. 
Everyone again really grateful. Happy to take good bags one at a time. 
It was heart breaking out there tonight. Everyone so grateful. So cooperative. These people shouldn’t still be on the streets. I hope the hotel promise works through quickly"

"The interesting thing is that besides some of the people we know to be genuinely on the streets, there were a number of faces we haven't seen before. A reasonable number of young people (some on bikes) and we wondered if they have simply run out of money."

Watch a video from Deacon John Scanlon

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