LOV Verbum Dei Ministry - Explore the Gospel of John and Matthew

The LOV Verbum Dei Ministry (https://linktr.ee/lov_verbumdei) is very excited to explore the Gospel of John and Matthew with a 4-Part Series on the Word of God starting on Tuesday 31st August. 1 episode will be released on their YouTube channel on Tuesdays and Fridays over two weeks for all of us to immerse in a unique way into particular passages of the gospel. Please use the below link to watch the episodes and to slowly and attentively sink into the Word of God that lies behind the 'words' of the Scriptures. You can also listen each episode on the followings audio platforms (Spotify, Anchor, Google Podcast-simply search for "LOV Verbum Dei" where you can access all their audio resources). Please share it with whoever you think might benefit from it.

Link to the episodes - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnBD0Ooz7iN-DuHmh_nDSx7Dl2wc5geZK

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