Updated Information - Leaving Church after Mass

It was great to see the number attending Mass last Sunday had increased from the previous Sunday and long may this continue. Covid-19 has brought about several changes in the way we worship with restrictions on seating, sanitising your hands when entering to name just a couple.  

The way we exit the church is especially important as we must avoid breaking social distancing rules.  Therefore, it is essential that when leaving the church, you follow the protocol which is as follows:
  •        Those in the porch will receive Holy Communion first.  Then beginning from the back of the church, each row will be called out by a steward.  Please wait to be called before leaving your seat. Those who have mobility problems please stay in your seat and Father will bring Holy Communion to you.
  •       When you have received Holy Communion please follow the arrows to leave the church as we are operating a one-way system.  Please do not congregate in the porch as this will cause hold ups in the church and social distancing rules are broken.  There is plenty of room in the carpark for a natter.

These are difficult times and our main aim to keep everyone safe, so your 
co-operation will be much appreciated.  We look forward to the day when we can hold coffee mornings with a yummy breakfast, shake hands, hug or even kiss.  It will come, but when, is anyone’s guess.

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