Redemptorist Publications Free Online Retreat: Reflecting with Paintings with Fr Denis McBride

Father Denis McBride will be leading a FREE online retreat this Lent, based on his two books Reflecting with Paintings Vol 1 and Vol 2 from Wednesday 24th February 2021

Each video will be uploaded on the dates given below. You can choose to watch each video at a day/time that suits you.  You can access the retreat from the Redemptorist Publications website by clicking on this link Reflecting with Paintings | Retreat with Denis McBride | RP Books

Reflecting with paintings
One of the things that has always intrigued me about Jesus is how so much of his teaching he chose to do through the medium of fiction.  All his parables are fiction: each could begin ‘Once upon a time.’ Jesus asked his hearers to leave their own world and come with him into an imaginary world, and then return to their world to have an inner conversation of how they see things in the light of the parable. Jesus’ parable world is a world of great variety.  You meet all sorts of people: difficult judges, committed burglars, broken families, wounded beggars, awkward neighbours, selfish priests, eccentric employers, desperate hosts, surprised guests, wise and foolish virgins.

Paintings, too, have their own language, from pictorial to representative, to coded, to abstract, to you-name-it – communicating another world to the onlooker, another slant on looking at people and things, or simply to provoke unspoken communication between the artist’s emotions and the viewer’s. For this Lenten retreat I invite you to look at selected paintings, to imagine another world, and then to return to your own story in the hope that some inner conversation might be provoked through the strange encounters.

- Denis McBride, CSsR -

  1. First week in Lent - Wed 24 Feb
    Praying the Rosary – Old Woman Praying the Rosary by Paul C├ęzanne
  2. Second week in Lent - Wed 3 Mar
    Growing up hyphenated – Jojo by J W Miller
  3. Third week in Lent - Wed 10 Mar
    Food for thought – The Promenade by Fernando Botero
  4. Fourth week in Lent - Wed 17 Mar
    Facing the truth – Logo for Frankfurt Book Fair, 1998
  5. Fifth week in Lent -  Wed 24 Mar
    Bearing up – Peasant Woman with Buckets and a Child by Kasimir Malevich
  6. Palm Sunday - Sun 28 Mar
    Hat trick – Pilate’s Wife by Sebastien Champion
  7. Good Friday - Wed 31 Mar
    Letting go – Pieta by Vincent Van Gogh
Easter - Sun 4 April
When words are not enough – The Reconciliation of Peter by Iain McKillop

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