Healthy Planet, Healthy People

The Bishops' Conference Pastoral letter for this Pentecost refers to a time of remarkable challenge and opportunity, referring to G7 and COP26 and poses the question 'Are we really demonstrating love, care and respect for our common home?' 2021 is a very significant year, not just because we are gradually emerging in UK from the pandemic, but because of some very important international meetings which could determine the future of our planet and its inhabitants. There is the G7 summit in June and COP26 on the climate crisis in November, both of which are held in the UK; also, China will be hosting international negotiations on protecting biodiversity. Now is our opportunity to join with voices from Catholics (and others of faith) around the planet asking the leaders of these global gatherings to urgently align national and global commitments with limiting warming to 1.5ÂșC at most. Alongside this we are asking that the wonderful diversity of creatures living in our common home be protected.  Please sign the Healthy Planet, Healthy People petition and ask family and friends to join with you.

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